Paull’s i-Reed Grand Batch Commencement

Our institution will be expecting a fresh batch of future leaders in the month of April next year. A magnificent orientation event full of inspirational team speeches and warm greetings will be held in celebration of another progressive academic year. The event will aim to introduce some of the most prominent Real Estate industry businessmen, consultants and coaches to the enthusiastic new batch of students, boost their motivation and foster them to commence their very first year in the guidance Paull’s i-Reed with positive thoughts and curiosity to learn.

Our institution could not feel more elated and proud than in the moment of welcoming our future Real Estate professionals, promising them complete commitment and excellent mentorship throughout the upcoming course duration. Paull’s i-Reed finds its very roots in the prosperity, expertise, joyfulness and success of its students. We wish to organise a wholesome and enriching welcoming event to make our students interact, build strong relationships with fellow learners and the faculty and feel absolutely comfortable with academic environment our institution offers before their module-oriented training begins. The event will also include i-Reed faculty drawing upon their personal corporate journey, challenges faced and values that guided them through their long years in the industry. This event would mark the grand commencement of a fresh academic year full of useful experience, excellent training, meeting and connecting with new people and officially taking the first step to an outstanding career in Real Estate.

International Study Tour to Dubai

Paull’s i-Reed frequently organises constructive international study tours to familiarise students with market dynamics beyond the confines of domestic Real Estate industry. Seeking to expose our future leaders to novel business possibilities, an academic tour was undertaken last year to thoroughly understand Real Estate industry scenario of a thriving tourist destination- Dubai.

Students were made to witness live international developmental activities and note their observations, analyse industrial differences and receive hands-on experience with a market different than that of India. They also got to interact with settled Realty professionals and benefitted from listening to their past experiences in the business. Being home to one of fastest growing Real Estate Markets throughout the world with investment rates increasing by 40% year on year, Dubai prevails to be one of the most lucrative realty markets in the world. This also became a primary reason for Paull’s i-Reed to choose the country over others.

Dubai’s ambition to become the ultimate tourist spot globally has driven most of the nation’s developmental activities, we therefore wanted our students to test the waters real-time in Dubai’s rewarding Realty market under proper supervision, gain more knowledge about the country’s regulations and network with prominent personalities throughout this international study tour.

We strongly believe that confinement to single market hinders the growth prospects of Real Estate aspirants and strive to expose our students to diversified market scenarios, inculcating a business aptitude strong enough to tackle a thousand different market-related and financial hindrances they may face on the unpredictable grounds of the Real Estate Industry. Study tours not only ensure real-time experience, they are highly beneficial for bringing about the technical efficiency that classroom learning does not offer.