Personality is an individual’s distinctive set of characteristics, some behavioural traits that people recognize them by and identify them with. It is often times that thin line that exists between good and excellent. Paull’s i-Reed aspires for its students to gain nothing less than excellence, we therefore exert immense emphasis on wholesome personality enrichment of each future leader, preparing them to form a vast professional network, clientele and an incredible corporate reputation in the competitive Realty market.

Personality development also is said to have a positive impact on one’s communication skills, etiquette and overall lifestyle. Individuals tend to develop a positive outlook towards professional difficulties as a result of this extensive course. It teaches you to stay calm and composed in stressful , unnerving situations, react positively and monotonously carry out customer services when working alongside a team.

Alongside honing technical and financial competency of our students, we focus greatly on improving their business conduct, corporate etiquette and communication skills to make them increasingly desirable as Real Estate professionals, both to large Real Estate organisations and customers.