Having witnessed an extremely positive upswing in market growth, Indian Real Estate now has a lot to offer to fresh blood that enters its challenging grounds. Real Estate is one of the most lucrative industries to make it big in today. With recent positive authoritarian reforms and regulations being implemented, now is the best time to seek your place in the industry, network and create a strong rapport. The sector is expected to touch a whopping US$180 in the coming four years. There is nothing but progress and opportunities as far as the vision can reach.

Building a successful career in Real Estate will not only expose a massive, ever-changing industry for you to consistently gain knowledge from but also prove to be an entirely life-changing experience, expanding your vision to more than what others are constrained in.

The gratification brought about by genuinely helping people find and buy their dream homes, office spaces to execute their dreams in, is truly where the essence of a successful Real Estate career lays. Besides this, technical parts of the industry which involve assisting buyers in finding their ideal property, providing them accurate information about project valuation and available alternatives, abiding by the humanitarian laws of confidentiality and a number of other technicalities that Real estate professionals should know about aren’t easy for amateurs to naturally master.

Contrary to popular belief, Real Estate is not a career to thoughtlessly dive into. Competition is massive and therefore, strong market knowledge, familiarity with technical concepts and communication skills solid enough to develop a vision and make a place for yourself in the robust world of Real Estate. Aspirants looking to do so would benefit greatly from certification courses that not only successfully set them apart, but also give them an industry test drive before they’re handed the steering. Meanwhile, existing practitioners can receive the wholesome coursework, gain industry insights from well-experienced teams, consultants and coaches and eradicate business obstructions which were previously ceasing their growth- all the while becoming certified and ‘Qualified Professional’ whose knowledge and skills customers prefer the foremost.

Setting foot in an industry that is rightly considered the second largest employer with approximately 52 million participants and contribution of 8% to 9% to India’s overall GDP, Real Estate grossed a cumulative foreign direct investment flow of USD 24.3 billion from 2000-16 may seem overwhelming at first Humongous Realty ventures began overtaking an unorganized marketplace, regulations were clarified and customers became more vigilant with their choices. Real Estate is no longer a chaotic industry to thrive in while the demand for trained professionals increases each passing day. There’s more to Indian Realty than there ever was before. Catering to residential and commercial expectations of the urban population, concepts like Virtual Reality, Cognitive automation, Building information modelling, strategic digital marketing and professional project management.

Indian Real Estate will spectate immense development and growth in a dearth of qualified and technically competent professionals. We aspire to witness an industry transformed completely with talented, highly skilled professionals who not only are knowledgeable enough to provide their world-class clients constructive assistance but also practice due diligence in their practice and inculcate a sense ethical business practices in the Indian market.