Indian Real Estate Market requires skilled, technically competent professionals to take charge of its growth now more than ever.

Real Estate is the discipline of quick wit, profound industrial knowledge and a drive to mediate between common individuals and their dream property. Not only does it take strong people skills, but also a genuine willingness to contribute to society’s infrastructural development. Realty has been a massively popular career option worldwide for decades and it has long begun leaving imprints in India’s academic scenario.

India’s prospects of urban residential and smart city development are destined to give rise to millions of large-scale Real Estate projects by 2022. It’s easy to predict that time couldn’t be any better than now to explore Real Estate as a potential career option. Contrary to popular belief, India’s realty is becoming increasingly welcoming to fresh graduates and technically competent aspirants.

 “The real estate sector, which is slated to be a 180 billion USD opportunity by 2022, has a current skill shortfall of 4 million core professionals.” -India Today, May 2018

Enormous numbers of foreign investors seek to cut their share in India’s Real Estate Market profits, real estate companies have gained momentum like never before. These large corporates have sensed the need of urgent talent acquisition. In such skill-demanding circumstances, powerful training and certification courses set you apart from thousands of Realty aspirants looking for their big break in Indian market. The importance of Real Estate skill development and certification cannot be emphasised enough.

Acute knowledge of major Real Estate concepts like housing finance, targeted sales, project management, sustainable development and corporate behaviour will give any aspirant a strong edge over others.

Gone are the days of disorganized Real Estate that witnessed a million business malpractices, the industry has revved up its professionalism and has developed a systematic commercial approach. It takes powerful hold over financial and regulatory aspects of Real Estate, business communication skills and knowledge of current market trends to get noticed in India’s thriving realty today.

Job Opportunities in Indian Real Estate

Marketing Professionals

Real Estate companies survive and thrive majorly on name recognition. Marketing professionals build strategic plans to bring the company and its services in the limelight before potential customers. Large Realty organizations in India are actively on a lookout for trained marketing professionals with a strong business acumen and knowledge of Real Estate’s technical know-how.

Project managers

With millions of developmental projects being executed each year, requirement of multi-talented project managers sees no end in Indian Real Estate companies and organizations. Project managers are treasured assets of any company as they ensure a construction project stays on-time and on-budget. These trained professionals ensure end-results of any real estate project are impeccable and I line with client’s initial requirements.

Finance Analysts

Large real estate companies rely on financial acumen of professional analysts for budget management. These professionals hold impeccable knowledge of Real Estate’s financial side and are responsible for sourcing and acquiring acquisitions. There is a humongous supply-demand gap for finance analysts in the Real Estate industry today, which has opened gates for young aspirants to map out an incredible career in this field.

Sales Professionals

Sales can effectively be called second name of the Real Estate business. Sales managers are responsible for setting weekly, monthly and yearly sales targets for a Real Estate company or budding township’s sales agents. They close large developmental deals with clients on a regular basis and perform advanced administrative activities. Firms expect sales professionals to have bare-bone knowledge of current market trends and effective sales tactics. They play a key role in making or breaking the company’s future success prospects.

i-Reed aims to secure highly prestigious places for its students in the thriving Real Estate market. Therefore, our certification and training courses inculcate powerful marketing, sales, finance and management knowledge in each future leader we nurture. Our need-based curriculum transforms you into a valuable resource, well-versed with Real Estate’s business proceedings and technicalities. We develop just what the industry wants.