Corporate Training Workshops

Minimum input and Maximum output’ is the strategy every organization wants to follow. However, companies and employees are facing constant challenges because of customers, vendors and various external factors which directly and indirectly hamper the Return on Investment (ROI) from resources hired. Every industry is witnessing shortage of qualified manpower to drive up business growth. Real estate industry has been facing this challenge since a decade and because of which many organizations aren’t able to timely pull in buyers for their premium projects. There are many case studies which highlight the inability of people working in a system vis-à-vis market demand.

Established Companies and Successful individuals regularly invest for ‘New Learnings’ and ‘Self Growth’

No two organizations are same, and thus no two requirements can be similar. At Paull’s iREED we customize the training modules to suit your business need, bring an incremental and measurable growth in business. Our team spends time with your organization and then structure, propose and conduct offsite and onsite workshops/ trainings with sole objective of improving quality in manpower.

With a highly experienced team of trainers and real estate specialists, we plan and conduct these skill enhancement trainings across India. These trainings are a combination of content and engagement activity sessions as we cover the various important aspects of an organization.


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