Real Estate training in India
Given the calamitous lack of trained professionals in Indian Realty today, Paull’s iReed was born with the ambition of providing above-par industry training and inter-personal development to aspirants and settled practitioners, turning them into well-read and experienced prcustom writing, who will go on increasing Real Estate’s credibility and mainstream position in the economy.

With a powerful vision of empowering future leaders with current market knowledge essential to tackle various developmental and financial setbacks in their Real Estate careers. Paull’s i-Reed aspires to be at the forefront of Certification Programs, Executive Courses and Customised Real Estate Training specially designed for the burgeoning Indian Real Estate Industry.

Looking to foster an ethical work culture across all Real Estate business practices, Paull’s i-Reed aims to nurture future professionals who practice fair business activities and inspire masses to follow the same values. These individuals will be trained by some of the most talented Real Estate professionals, consultants, internationally recognized project managers, top legal advisors and sales experts with exceptional industrial skills, their technical competency and personality will be mined by our team experts until we create pure gold out of them. We aspire to train students and practitioners who become highly respected and valuable asset of any custom writing organization they join in future.

We stand firm in our belief that intersection of experienced Real Estate professionals. legal experts and excellent internationally recognized Realty project managers with aspiring students will lead to prolific industrial talent being generated year on year. We seek to connect young talent and enthusiasm with knowledge and expertise of the well-experienced, therefore forming a vast chain of top-class Real Estate experts for organisations, realty ventures and customers to benefit from. Certified Real Estate practitioners leaving from the grounds of Paull’s i-Reed after their course duration will bring about a positive wave in Indian Real Estate Industry with their strong belief in ethical business practices, impeccable knowledge of market dynamics and a sophisticated personality.

Besides arming our students with knowledge of Real Estate trends, future prospects, management and marketing skills, we aim to transform their personalities with specifically designed academic modules including dressing etiquette, communication skill development, power dressing and correct business conduct. We aspire not only to equip students with brains to make a respectable place in Real Estate industry, but also develop wholesome personalities that hold the power to influence most prominent of Realty leaders.

Paull’s i-Reed as an institution stands firm on the grounds of values our leaders seek to foster within every future leader we create. Their unequalled determination to impart quality Real Estate training far and wide strengthens the institution’s moral and academic core. The vibrant and interactive learning environment i-Reed provides is to build you into a highly knowledgeable, driven and successful contributor to the ever-changing Indian Realty. Our well-designed modules take you through an experience both lavish and erudite, exposing you to the best of opportunities market can provide. On behalf of the i-Reed community, we feel overjoyed to welcome you into our institution and earnestly look forward to nurturing you into a motivated, well-read expert.

Paull’s i-Reed deservingly seek to become the most trusted educational institution for Real estate nationally and internationally.