Paull’s i-Reed is an emerging Real Estate Training and Development Institution providing comprehensive courseworks, practical experience and subject oriented training across various domains including Real Estate finance, project management, strategic marketing and inter-personal development to list a few. Our flexible modules and highly talented team are dedicated to transform you into a full-fledged industry expert and a certified Real Estate practitioner recognised globally.

Academic modules at Paull’s i-Reed are driven by need-based industry knowledge and aim to develop each future leader’s hold over Real Estate market’s financial, legal and social aspects, equipping them with excellent core and soft skills essential to originate, develop and grow a successful business in Indian Real estate.

Paull’s i-Reed takes pride in its highly flexible yet enriching courses, exceptionally skilled team and our vision to nurture students who later become respected Real Estate leaders.

Throughout the course duration, students get to meet and learn from the most prominent Real Estate professionals in India currently, already beginning to form a strong corporate network before setting foot in the market. Our live, face-to-face program delivery and industry interaction methodology ensures optimal learning and the development of a personal relationship with both faculty and classmates.

We at i-Reed, seek to toughen you up with just the right expertise needed to make it big on the dynamic grounds of India’s Real Estate Industry. We believe in education that surpasses the classroom boundaries and enriches business acumen, observational skills and provides real-time exposure through supervised on-field training and international luxury study tours. Our wholesome academic programs not only develop a student’s technical competency and core market skills, but also provide equally important personality enhancement, communication skill development, thorough understanding of corporate etiquette and professionalism.

Driven by the aim of revolutionising Real Estate education for better, Paull’s i-Reed stands as one of the leading training institutions in India. Our insightful courses and a strong emphasis upon on-field training seeks to nurture future industry masters. Aspiring to create professionals for the industry’s human capital requirements, i-Reed is dedicated to providing insightful, real-time education to our future leaders.

After the completion of our industry targeted courses, students will have mastered core Real Estate concepts including complex urban development scenario, laws & taxes, developing comprehensive management projects, investment transactions across various asset classes and will know financial and regulatory aspects of Indian Real Estate like the back of their hand. They will also have developed a wide network with mid & senior managers from domestic and international organizations while undergoing the program itself.

We are your guiding light to an exceptional, path-breaking Real Estate career.